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Your Wealth Is Under Your Nose

Your Wealth Is Under Your Nose

Noses give insight about how people sustain themselves. It indicates the amount of energy a person has and their work style.The tip of a person’s nose offers insight to their attitudes about money. The bigger the tip, the greater the concern with money.The size of the nostrils gives clues about the flow of energy and how we spend money.

Located in the middle of our face, the nose is also in the center of our emotional life. While the eyes can see very far away and the ears can hear also from long distance the nose though it can smell from a certain distance is more focus in gathering middle distance information. (The mouth catch intimate information as well as the skin does). The nose is less mobile that the eyes or the mouth, its activity is limited to the aisles.

The nose of an individual includes the nose-bridge which is used to determine his ego. An ego is what the person thinks about himself, and is judged by either a higher or lower level. The size of the nose along with its width is also used to determine the "self image" a person may have in his mind. Therefore, people with short, small, wide, large, long, thin, turned up and turned down noses are all analyzed in different ways.

The attitude and the wealth of a person is revealed by the size of one's nose. According to face readers, the size of the nose is the indication of wealth and also the attitude of a person with regards to financial issues. An ideal nose has a high and straight nose bridge and a fleshy nose tip.The ages of 40 to 50 are ruled by the nose. 

The Nose Consists of Several Features.

 Size of Nose:
  • A Big Nose                      
  • Small Nose
  • Long Nose
  • Short Nose
Shape of Nose:
  • Straight Nose
  • Turned-up Nose
  • Hooked Nose
  • Roman Nose
  • Wavy Nose
Size of the Nostrils:
  • Flat and wide Nose
  • Nubian Nose
  • Snub Nose
Tip of the Nose:
  • Pointed Nose
  • Rounded Nose
Big Nose: Big noses can have short or long bridge for the nose. These have wider tips with larger nostrils. If you think that your big nose makes you look bad or if you don't really like its shape then cheer up because according to face reading your big nose can help you leave a better impression!
The bigger the nose, the more power, ego, drive, leadership, and desire to work independently. People with big noses hate receiving orders and like being their own bosses. They don't like doing small tasks and prefer making bigger contributions than others. That's why these people will hardly ever be your bar tenders or your receptionists. People with big noses like to move higher in ranks and may fight for them.
 People with big noses get bored easily from systematic and repetitive work. If you are a manager then handing off donkey work to these people would be a great mistake.   

Small noses as the name suggests are smaller in length and width. The tip in this case is neither flat nor round. People with small noses don’t care to be leaders. They are best in group activities where they use their creative imaginations and spontaneity. Their challenge is that they can be na├»ve visionaries, impatient for results. This leads to frustration, which can lead to temper outbursts. Even so, they do think of others and are always willing to help out for the greater good, usually making the task fun. They love to play and have to love what they do in order to work hard.A person with a small nose does not have problems dealing with repetitive and systematic work. You are most likely to find secretaries and people who work in similar jobs having small noses. Of course they may get bored of routine work but not as fast as a big nosed fellow will.

Long Nose: The person with the longest nose or whose nose sticks out the most is usually in control of the money. The longer your nose, the prouder you are, and for good reason. You have a good nose for business, common sense, a healthy sense of ambition, great instincts, and people respond positively to your leadership. Your biggest problems are often derived from your greatest strengths. Your tendency to resent those who do not show appreciation for all of your tireless efforts can cause dissension in the workplace. Be careful not to look down your lovely long nose at those who do not have the same natural sense of fairness and justice that you have. And remember, family life does not need to run with the same efficiency as your work life. In fact, it shouldn’t. Trust that having fun is good for you and your family.

Short-nosed people are loyal and compassionate, but generally short on drive and ambition. They just don’t have the emotional stamina to thrive in competitive conditions and are often wary and overwhelmed by those who have strong egos and drive. They like the results that the aggressive types get, and this can lead to frustration, even resentment, and a rough time committing to anything.
You're idealistic, extremely kind and highly sensitive. Your emotional sensitivity and child-like sweetness endear you to people. Because you're often on the defensive, you're not easy to get to know well. You have a dislike of anything that's different, and in times of trouble you close in on yourself (even though the problem is often in your head!). 

Straight Nose: Such a nose has basically no curvature or any form of depression in the center and usually has a pointed tip. These are also known as the Greek nose. These generally have narrow nostrils and are considered to be very appealing!
People with straight noses are considered to be very clever and helpful in nature. A straight nose shows methodical discipline. A straight nose is linked with success in life. A woman with a straight nose indicates she is intelligent, witty, wise as well as full of perseverance. These people respect logic. When communicating with them, avoid everything that is not clear and logical and stick to the facts. Try avoiding emotional appeals and have good answers when they question something.

Turned-up Nose: It’s a long, curved, almost-concave slope with a slight upward peak at the tip. People with these types of nose shapes are often very optimistic, kind and have a character that is full. Friends and family of people who have a turned up nose shape will enjoy the love, support and nurturing personalities of these people. They have much enthusiasm that does not seem to end for new things as well as experiences. This is a characteristic of sexual adventures people though they still take marriage very well. An upturned nose indicates someone of a sentimental nature. You are very affectionate and caring and you love being appreciated and cared for in return. You also tend to be very generous.

Hooked Nose: This type of nose has a deep hook at the tip, pointing downwards towards your lip. The shape of the ridge is often curved. If you viewed such a nose from a profile view, you will notice it is much like the beak of a hawk.A person with a nose like this one has the same characteristics as that of a big-nosed person but with a bit of exaggeration. To get along with such a person make sure you respect him and make him feel important. They don’t seek approval, are often rebellious and are most happy when pursuing their own goals.People who have hawk type of a nose shape always follow their own path and they are not influenced by masses. This is one of the unique things about personalities with these types of nose. People with this kind of nose are most happy when pursuing their own projects or goals.

Roman Nose: An aquiline nose has a prominent bridge. The bridge is either curved or bent. This is also known as the Roman nose and appears like a hook because of the bridge of the nose. People with an aquiline nose are said to be very headstrong and ambitious in nature. People with this type of nose shape are often great leaders. The nose types signify people who do not do things impulsively and they have a very strong personality. Though they are good at influencing other people, they do not rush to making decisions. They easily rally people to take action and efficiently organize things. They are not aggressive.People with this type of nose are carefully measured. They don't rush into decisions and are very good at influencing others. It signals a strong personality but not an impulsive one. Often efficient organizers, they are good at rallying people to take action. They are very rarely aggressive.

Wavy Nose: A wavy nose can be noticed because it has a typical bump at the tip of the nose. These therefore appear larger at the tip. People with wavy noses are considered to be very fun-loving in nature. Wavy type of nose shape mainly results from deformities or injuries. They are characterized warped shapes if viewed from view or bumpy or humpy shapes if you used lateral view. Other than injury, wavy nose type could be as a result of genetics and it is at times called the boxer or saddle. Check out the nose type Owen Wilson has. It is wavy. People with wavy nose are considered to be fun loving when it comes to their personalities.

Flat and wide Nose: This type of nose shape is commonly found in the African American and the Asian. The nose type has nostrils, which are flared and wide with a bridge that is very short and a tip that is round. Around this features their might be some small variations though the mentioned features are the most striking. It does not have contours that are sharp and has a bridge that is very short.Though the people who have flat nose are said to be very helpful, they are a little hot tempered and you need to be careful when dealing with them. This is what their personalities are, when it comes to money they like to spend, the wider the nostrils the more self-reliant the person is.

Nubian Nose: This type of nose shape is often very long and has a base that is very wide. It is the kind of nose that Barrack Obama has People with Nubian nose are always seeking for new ways to approach issues, are very curious and open minded.

These make them to be charismatic and they often draw people to themselves when it comes to their personalities. They are very expressive emotionally and at times the emotions can be overwhelming. If you have been looking at people who have the Nubian type of nose, you must have surely noticed some of the discussed personalities in them.
Those with Nubian noses are always thinking of new ways to approach problems and are instigators of change.

Snub Nose: These types of nose shapes are generally smaller in size and they tend to be turned up too. In most cases, the tip of the nose is neither flat nor round and their tip that is slightly upturning brings an impression of a very snobbish person. 
Wayne Rooney and Muhammad Ali are perfect examples of people who have Snub nose. People with this type of nose are often quick-witted and more street-wise than your average person. They react quickly — sometimes too quickly, which can sometimes lead to aggression. If, from the side view, the nose is concave with a round tip, then this person has a helper's nose. He is called the helper because he has a natural tendency to help others. He may join charity groups for the satisfaction he feels when he does these kinds of activities. The only draw back is that he is sometimes taken advantage of by his friends. Chinese face readers believe snub-nosed people make attentive partners. Prefers romantic sex in traditional positions, rarely tries erotic experiments.

Pointed Nose: Do you have a thin nose that is particularly sharp and pointed? Then you have a great nose for news. With your natural inquisitiveness and probing nature, you would make a great investigative reporter. Or at least a popular person in your social and work groups because you know all the stories and fine details about everyone and everything. People with pointy tipped noses tend to be very curious individuals. They are fascinated by learning new things and love asking "why?" You will usually go a long way to understand things in great detail. It also can potentially indicate a less trusting nature in some people.

Rounded Nose:

If the nose tip is round when this person observed from a front view then is nosy!! He likes to know about everything that is going on and he may try to get all information out of you. Don't make him feel like you are hiding something if you want to get along with him. What's pretty funny is that the word nosy here is related to the nose which shows that this word may have had a face reading origin.
A rounded nose belongs to the material girls or boys. They are not greedy, but they appreciate things of quality. They would rather go without than put up with an inferior substitute